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I LOVE photographing high school seniors. It's such an exciting (albeit hectic) time in your life - the time you're officially moving into adulthood and taking charge of your future!  It's a time to celebrate all you have accomplished as a young person and a time to celebrate all you will become in the next phase of your life.   You are at your VERY BEST and there should be photos to prove it! I believe senior portrait session should be an experience & the pictures are only a small part of it! I want to give you a session you will never forget, full of fun, fashion, and laughter!


Senior Modeling Program

Be part of my team!

I'm inviting BOYS & GIRLS in the class of  2020 to not only represent my business, but also to take ownership of my brand as THEIR own. I am looking for a few "almost" seniors who want to give back, SERVE their communities & are LEADERS at home, in their schools and communities.  This small team will be a participate in some group photoshoots while earning plenty of your own time in the limelight to build a portfolio of beautiful images.

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